Công ty CP Nước AquaOne

With a core business to improve quality of life to the community, AquaOne Group has strong commitments, as well as responsibility to the community and especially with a green and clean living environment.

  • Clean water source: Being aware that water plays a very important role in daily life, and while clean water is in shortage supply, we have strong determine to improve and enhance the quality of life of the community, committed to The quality of products we create – we are committed to giving consumers safe, clean water to use.
  • Green witness: Besides creating clean water products, we are committed to investing in advanced, friendly and harmless technologies. We are proud to be one of the first Clean Water Producers Group to be granted the Green EDGE Certificate as a commitment to the common interests of the community
  • Towards the original point: The source is the place where we must not forget and must be responsible for reminding and imparting to the next generation. In AquaOne, we always uphold the spirit towards the source, so that each member always feels cherished, proud of his land, his homeland, thereby having more responsibility in preserving and developing that area.
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